Wine Production and Consumption in Africa

wine coolerLike most parts of the world, Africa is becoming a continent with vast lovers of wines. Even though several fruits such as bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, and other fruit grow in the tropics, have been used to make wine, grapes are also being grown in various regions in Africa. South Africa is best-known for varieties of wineries, but still, other countries such as Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania produce wines.

The increasing demand for wine coolers is a sure indication of many wine drinkers in Africa, as people can store several bottles in their homes. One of the recent past challenging issues is wine keeping since the quality is often affected by a number of factors. Africans that enjoy drinking wines lack adequate knowledge about wine storage, but today many people have come to realize that the standard refrigerators cannot do the trick. That is why wine coolers are becoming popular in numerous countries.

Wine Production Regions in Africa

South Africa is one of the major wine producing countries, and Constantia valley being of the leading wine destinations. Apart from this oldest wine farm, Stellenbosch Winesland gives a perfect destination for visitors from different parts of the world. White wine is the most popular, as white grapes are mainly grown mainly here. Other wine producing regions in South Africa include Paarl, Franschhoek wine valley, and Somerset. Since they produce in large scale, the wines are consumed locally and internationally.

The second known wine producing country is Algeria. Both red and white wines are produced in different regions including Coteaux De Mascara and Coteax De Tlemcen. Morocco is another wine production leader, mainly found in Atlas Mountains and Syrah and Merlot are some of the tastiest wine grapes grown in this region. Ziway in Ethiopia is another wine producing region, and it has been growing some of the most sought after red and white grapes since 1990s. Tunisia is known for rose wine, the red wine produced from varieties of grapes such as grenache, carignan, merlot, and syrah among others.

East Africa is not left behind among countries that produce best wines across the continent. Dodoma is Tanzania is famed for producing Konyagi, a common drink found in many wineries and bars. Kenya on the other hand, wine is produced in Yatta Plateau and Naivasha, as well as along the Great Rif Valley escarpments. Even though these places have not received significant recognition worldwide, visitors from other countries enjoy the wines once they land there.

Tips for Wine Keeping

Wine is not like any other beverage because it requires a bit of special storage. Many people have refrigerators and fridges in their homes, which they use to store foods and other drinks. Some people even store their wine bottles in fridges, but this is not the best wine keeping method. Wine should be stored in its own unit, and wine coolers offer incredible storing conditions for wines. Here are the tips every wine lover should know;

  1. Store wine bottles on their sides

If you have done some research on wines, probably you have wines placed on their sides in wine coolers. Wines should be allowed to rest as the sediments settle, so that the quality is not affected.  Also, the sediments should not settle at the bottom of the bottle, because you will be forced to shake thoroughly before opening the cork. Therefore, always store your wines on their sides to maintain good quality.

  1. Don’t store wines in standard fridges

Home fridges are not ideal for keeping wines, as they have thousands of vibrations. This interrupts settling of the sediments, thus affecting the quality of wine. In addition to vibrations, the temperature of a fridge is not constant. Wine coolers are the best for storing wines since they have an optimum temperature set specifically for wines.

  1. Store wines is a specific wine cooler

It is advisable to store your wines in a specific wine cooler that is not used by all members of your family. Do not put food stuff in a wine cooler, where kids will keep on opening and closing on a daily basis. Opening and closing of the wine cooler make the bottles’ corks to dry, allowing air to enter the bottles. This affects the quality of wines, hence ruining your investment. You can check the top wine coolers here.

  1. Store different types of wines

If your taste is red wine does not mean you cannot store white wines. Probably your guest or visitor prefers white wine, and therefore you will have done him or her a favor. If you drink both red and white wines, ensure you have all of them in the wine cooler.



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