What does Each Curling Iron Do?

There are many hair tutorials out there with a different ways to curl your hair, there are sWhat does Each Curling Iron Do?mall detail that always been missing is how to use a curling iron. Like on how to hold a curling iron and which way to turn it are very important when you are curling your hair, and this is not really as intuitive as you may think it is. So if ever you want to choose the right curling iron for your hair make sure that you are considering the length of your hair upon choosing it. You may also follow this guide to have a very classic and great looking curl or read detailed instructions in this Curling Iron Guide by TheBeautilab.


Make sure that when you decide to curl your hair, it is properly washed and you should always follow simple instructions to have a very positive outcome and to have the curl that you’ve ever wanted. When curling, it is really important to choose the right material and product to use so that it will not damage your hair by using a cheap and a low quality of curling material and product. Make sure that when you are using your curling material you always follow the instruction of your iron to avoid damaging the iron and also your hair.

  • Curling IronTo start your curling session, make sure that you are separating your hair into two sections, but if you have a very thick hair make sure that you are making a three layer. This will able to make curling efficient and will have a greater result. Thicker hair will give you a hard time in layering and curling your hair, that is why it is really important that you will layer your hair properly according to the thickness and length of your hair. Most professionals would suggest that you should also choose the right curling iron that would best fit your hair not only the length, but as well as the thickness of it. Make sure that before starting to curl your hair you already choose the right heat temperature of your curling iron so that it will no damage your hair. Too much heat will damage your heat and too low heat will not give you the best result in your curling.
  • Curling iron comes with different materials like ceramic and tourmaline irons. These kind of iron is the best choice of hair professionals all over the world because they will make you hair healthier. Ceramic iron produces evenly heat while the tourmaline will release negative ions that will close your hair cuticles. In using the curling iron make sure that you are holding it vertically and make sure that is is facing upward. Then clamp a perfectly two inch hair section that has one to two inches from the ends. Start curling your hair out and away from your face, all the way up to the roots. Hold your iron for about 7-12 seconds before letting go, but this will vary depending on the texture of your hair. If you have a thick hair make sure you are holding it long enough and carefully lowering your iron down for about 1-2 inches from the ends.
  • After curling your hair with your curling iron make sure that you will spray some Hairspray at the bottom of your hair. Make sure that you will spray your hair after every curl to hold it in its place. Then you can gently flip your hair forward and then backward, then rake your hair with your fingers to get rid of all the structured ringlets. In spraying your hair this helps you to have to lift your hair and then carefully brush your hair with natural bristle brush to get a more softer wave and glam in your hair. Also, to get a beachy feeling with your hair simply shake out the curls by using your hands.

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