Agricultural Market Development Trust (AGMARK)

“Sustainable Smallholder Cross Border Trade Integration (SSMATI)”

Organized and structured marketing arrangements not only catalyze agricultural production but also sustain it.  Lack of organized marketing of cereal food crops (rice, maize and sorghum) remains a major constraint to production in the surplus producing regions of southern and eastern Uganda where an estimated 71% of trade between Uganda and its neighbors is informal.   

Kigezi Region in southern Uganda is a significant supplier (though informally) of grain to processors in Kigali- Rwanda.  The main grain processors like MINIMEX could only utilize 32% of its plant capacity (52,000 tons per year) in 2008 and imported 88% of its processing grain needs (from Uganda and Tanzania).  MINIMEX is distraught despite having a market for its processed products.  The same challenge faces other processors including The DUHAMIC-ADRI Association, The MAISERIE de Mukamira, and the Rwanda Development Investment company.

Eastern Uganda accounts for an estimated 50% of Uganda annual maize output. Located juxtaposition to Kenya (a chronic maize deficit country), Eastern Uganda maize production has its dominant market in Kenya where it crosses the Busia border informally. 

The EA Trade Hub grant to AGMARK is intended to integrate smallholder surplus production in Kigezi and the Eastern Regions of Uganda into the Rwanda and Kenya cereals value chain respectively, through agro-dealers located in the two regions. The objectives of this grant are to develop sustainable value chains and reduce poverty by increasing small holder farmers access to commercial staple  foods markets.

"Agrodealer Trade Across Borders Project (ATAB)"

The objective of  the 2nd AGMARK grant is to support  agrodealers by linking them to grain traders involved in cross border trade along the Uganda – Kenya, Uganda – Sudan, Uganda-Rwanda and Tanzania – Kenya borders. This will not only increase regional trade but also improve accessibility by small holder farmers to mainstream formal grain markets as they channel their grain through agrodealers.

Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, S.Sudan

1st Grant Timeline: January 11th, 2010 to May 31st, 2011

Total Amount: $249,304

2nd Grant Timeline: March 1st, 2012 to February 28th, 2013

Total Amount: $212,780




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