What are the Different Types of Toilet that You Can Place in the Bathroom

Choosing a toilet that you can out in your bathroom may not be that easy. You have to be aware of the different types of toilets available in the market and know how they function. You can also weigh the advantages that you can get from each type for you to know which one will suit your bathroom. So before you purchase one, here are the types of toilets that you can choose from.

Different Types of Toilets

Gravity-Assisted Toilet

This type of toilet is popular in North America where the height and weight of water in the tank play an essential role. For this toilet, the water is responsible for controlling the flush. The tank will be refilled and will only stop with the presence of a float that shuts it off.

You don’t have to worry about the possibility of water to overflow because it has tube handles. You just have to make sure that the toilet is in good condition to be assured that the water inside the tank will not be spilled. It can guarantee you effectiveness, durability, and simplicity. Aside from that, it doesn’t create a loud noise when you flush the water.

It is a good thing that this type of toilet is not that difficult to repair. However, having a big family with plenty of members might experience problems with the toilet because it can be hard to flush when used over and over again.

What are the Different Types of Toilet that You Can Place in the Bathroom

Pressure-Assisted Toilet

This type of toilet makes use of an active mechanism. It will add up pressure to the gravitational force by providing it with a power greater than the traditional toilet. The air will be transferred into a cylindrical tank with the help of water. However, this toilet creates a loud noise because the water inside the tank is under pressure. There is also a greater possibility that it can cause leaky pipes because of the stress that it can put to older pipes.


Vacuum-Assisted Toilet

This type of toilet produces the most quiet sound when flushed. With the rim holes, an intense force will be put into the bowl. Because this toilet is cleaner, this is a good choice if your bathroom is near your bedroom or if you want to maintain quietness even if you use the flush from time to time. However, it can be hard for you to unclog the toilet and needs to be repaired by a well-skilled individual. It will also take time for you to fix it and it is more expensive compared to a gravity toilet.

Power-Assisted Toilet

The force that this toilet need is greater than the vacuum-assisted toilet. It is considered a toilet with horsepower. If ever that you have old pipes in your bathroom, then you can have this toilet because it can easily remove the waste down to the drain. This is also an ideal toilet if you want to save water with every use and if you are looking for a powerful flush. However, it will require you to plug it into an outlet and can also create a loud sound. This toilet is the most expensive type that you can find in the market.  


Dual-Flush Toilet

This type of toilet makes use of two buttons for a half tank flush and a full tank flush. It originated from Australia to resolve the problem of the country concerning the drought. A Dual-flush toilet is now getting Best Dual Flush Toiletpopular in North America and considered to be the best type of toilet that can help in conserving water.

They have found out that every household can save up to 2,250 gallons a year. You can choose what flush you wanted to use wherein one will create a soft sound while the other produces a louder sound. However, you can purchase this toilet at an expensive cost and will also require you to pay a higher amount for the installation. If you are keen on buying a new toilet unit, you might want to check the toilet reviews at www.pickatoilet.com

If you want an eco-friendly type of toilet, then a dual-flush toilet is what you have to install at home. Even if the installation fee is quite expensive, the benefit that you can get from using this toilet makes it worth your expenses. You can enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time that can also save Mother Nature.

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