Access To Clean Water & Useful Tips To Filter Water At Home

ACCESS TO CLEAN WATERThere’s no life on earth without water. People can survive a long time without food, but only 4 days without water. If you don’t drink any water and the conditions are fair, you won’t live to see the fifth day after you last consumed water. That’s why the question of access to clean water is very important especially in some parts of the world where clean water is very hard to find.

Through the history, people witnessed many different ways of getting fresh water. The conditions back then and today are very different though. Today, a very big part of humanity lives in urban areas and have a lifestyle that is not nature dependent. People are used to having fresh water coming out of pipes or at least from a well.

Africa is the continent that is most endangered with this problem. In some part of it, fresh and drinkable water is very hard to find. That’s why people there must find other alternatives to get clean water. If you’re a part of this group or you’re afraid that you might become a part of this problem sometime later in life, read about some of the most simple solutions to get fresh clean water.

1. Boiling The Water

Any water you get to can be boiled and be used afterward for drinking. When we think about drinking water, we think about ice cold fresh water, but when the occasion demands any water, then we must settle for anything.

Boiling will make all the bad contaminants evaporate and only clean drinkable water will be left in the bowl you’re boiling into. If you have the option, you can cool the boiled water so you can enjoy it better. Remember that you can’t boil the already boiled water as it will get contaminated again. That’s why you should boil it and store it safely before you decide to use it.

2. Filter Straws


One of the latest inventions easily accessible and widespread on the market is the survival or filter straws. This straw is made to purify the water and make it drinkable at the same moment you pull in from it.

It is a very simple and easy way to make any contaminated water drinkable. The only problem is that you can’t use it forever and you only get to clean water you need for drinking. You can’t use the straw to purify a larger quantity of water and use it for other needs. The filter straw is a good water filtration solution for situations when there are no other options.

3. Disinfecting Tablets

Tablets used for disinfecting water are really effective and can be used for any water you find out there. They destroy 99% of contaminants in the first 10 minutes after you place them in the water.

Like usual, the tablets also have a negative side. They cost a little more than the most people in the contaminated areas of the world can afford, and they also need to be purchased over and over again in order to get enough usable and drinkable water. Their usage, however, is very simple. You just drop the tablet into the container of water and wait a while. After that, the water is ready to be used. Different tablets can disinfect a different quantity of water. Those that are able to disinfect more, of course, are more expensive.

4. Water Filter Pitchers

WATER FILTER PITCHERSProbably the best option among everything else you will find out there is the water filter pitcher. The water filter pitchers are relatively affordable and easy to be used. They work in a very simple way. In the pitcher, there are two compartments. In the first, you pour the contaminated water that passes through a filter that works by a special formula and then goes to the other compartment which a clean drinkable water.

Water filter pitcher in Africa has to grow as this continent has the biggest problem with clean drinking water. The pitchers are affordable and very simple to use which means there’s no need for special training. The only thing that needs to be taken into consideration, that after a while the filter must be changed as it will not last forever. The water will pass through it, but it will not be clean enough, so the filter must be changed after some time.

Water Saving Showerheads are the Way to Go in Africa

climate change and environmental degradationWith each passing year, we learn more and more about climate change our humans (mostly negative) impact on the environment and pretty much all living species that grace the planet. We have learned that almost all aspects of modern life require often scarce resources, or entail the release of effluent or other potentially harmful substances to the surrounding environment. Many of us can literally see and feel the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation – whether it is scarce water, smog, and pollution in the air, or ground that is simply so overworked and dead from chemical inputs that it cannot even produce a weed.

These things have real impacts and real consequences for the daily lives of pretty much everyone on the planet. People who live in more vulnerable places that are already experiencing the results of climate change and degradation, are on the proverbial front lines of the fight to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

One positive outcome of all this new knowledge is that there has been a worldwide, growing concern over our impact on the earth and ways to mitigate it. Whether you live in a place of plenty, or in water-parched Africa, there are steps that you can take and things that you can do to reduce your impact on the environment and help to stem the problems that we have unleashed upon the planet.

Especially when it comes to places like Africa, that are already feeling resource shortages and the negative ramifications of climate change, action needs to be taken now, not at some indistinct time in the future. Africans with the means have the opportunity to at least help to reduce the loss of resources by being more efficient with their use. One of the biggest cases in point is water.

climate changesWe all know that water is life and all around the world – especially in Africa – clean, potable water is becoming scarce. Part of living in the so-called First World is the access to sanitation and plumbing services, all of which require untold amounts of water in their operation. Nobody thinks that people should revert to times before indoor plumbing, but we can be more efficient in our current use of scarce water resources.

Low-flow and water saving appliances, faucets, and showerheads are the ideal and affordable way the average African can reduce their water waste. Showers are notoriously wasteful when it comes to water, but water saving showerheads can reduce one’s water consumption by almost half, while not reducing the quality of the flow one receives. Here are the most powerful shower heads available.

The great thing about low-flow, water-saving faucets and showerheads is that they do not require immense capital investment. These are items that can be purchased at a third party retailer and installed on almost any existing faucet and showerhead. It might not seem like this would make much difference, but it does and it starts to add up the more that people use these things. Between showerheads, toilets, and faucets, one can make half of their water consumption without losing any functionality or utility.

save water

Regardless of where you live, low-flow and water saving showerheads, faucets, and other appliances just make sense. Not only do you save vital resources and do your part to reduce our impact on the planet, but you are also likely to see cost savings by way of water bills. The less water you use – obviously – the less you have to pay for. That makes this a real win-win endeavor. It is a low-cost way to be the change you want to see and you are also likely to save a few bucks on your monthly water costs as well.

The Benefits of Using Office Chairs When Working with a Computer

Working in the office doesn’t keep you away from experiencing fatigue even if you are only sitting the whole day in front of your computer. A lot of people think that working in the office is better than being in the field where you can be exposed to the sun. However, even if you are inside the office, you will still feel pain in different parts of your body especially if you need to stay working with a computer for several hours.

Why Office Workers Need to Use the Right Office Chair

One effective solution that office workers should consider in order to alleviate the stress they feel sitting for a couple of hours in doing their paper works is by using a comfortable office chair. This is an important thing that offices should have if they want to make employees become more productive.

Is It Right to Invest Money in Purchasing Office ChairsAccording to a study conducted by the Staples Inc., approximately 86 percent of office workers admit that they experienced discomfort with the furniture that they have in the office wherein most of them would want to make changes with the kind of chair they used.

As you can see, office chairs have the strongest attachment to the office workers compared to other pieces of furniture that you can find in the office. It is because workers spend most of their time sitting while doing their work in front of a computer. A good chair doesn’t only depend on the looks, style, or even the price of the chair instead it should focus more on the functionality and with the comfort that it can give to the users.

If you are searching for the perfect office chair in the market then you have to go for something that can support your back while your feet are on the floor and your thighs and knees are positioned rightly. It is also advisable that you go for a chair where you can easily adjust the height to be assured that your computer is below eye level. Your wrists should also be straight if ever that you are holding the mouse or using the keyboard. To make it easier for you to find the right office chair that you have to use to keep yourself away from suffering back pain, here are some of the things that you have to look for the right product.

Essential Things to Look for the Right Office Chairs

  • Adjustability

Knowing that people differ with the size and shape of their body, it is a good idea if you will use chairs that have adjustable parts. If the chair can be adjusted according to the user’s needs then much better because this will provide them comfort.Ergonomic Computer Chair


  • Ergonomics

When looking for a perfect office chair, it is important that your spine will have the S-shape wherein your back receives lesser strain. It can also be great if the chair can support your head while working in front of your computer. Your aim is to achieve comfortable sitting positions while your body is incorrect angles.

  • Comfort

Purchasing a chair that can help you get rid of the usual pain that you feel sitting for long hours is a sign of comfort. You can consider having chairs with padding or other elements that can add comfort.


Is It Right to Invest Money in Purchasing Office Chairs

Most companies are already aware of the importance of office chairs when it comes to the level of productivity that their workers can create. Even they place a massage chair for their employees. As a result, they allow a sufficient amount of budget for office furniture to be assured that their employees can work properly while using the right chair. This also has something to do with the health of the users because it can keep them away from experiencing back pain even if they have to sit for long hours. This can also prevent office workers from making errors and keep them away from muscular-skeletal disorders.

Investing money in providing your workers with comfortable office chairs can possibly increase their productivity by 17 percent according to a study. It is because your workers will not feel stressed right away which means they will still have the energy to work overtime when necessary and finish more loads.

Learn How You Can Take Care of Your Teeth

Having a healthy mouth means that you can also live a healthy life. Dental hygiene has an effect on an individual’s overall health. This is the reason why people should know how to value dental hygiene if they want to stay away from acquiring diseases. Dental hygiene is being taught in schools so that children will become aware of its importance as early as possible to prevent them from experiencing dental problems. Looking after your teeth will not only put a smile on your face but you can also gain confidence to face the crowd and have more friends.

How You Can Look After Your Teeth

There are plenty of ways on how you can take care of your teeth. There is nothing for you to buy expensive products just to make your teeth strong and maintain fresh breath. So if you wanted to know how you can achieve a healthy set of teeth, here are some of the things that you should do.

  • Don’t forget to brush your

Brushing your teeth can be the most common way for you to get rid of unwanted bacteria in your mouth that can cause damages. You don’t have to brush your teeth every time you finish eating but you can at least do it twice a day.


  • Look for fluoridated toothpaste.

You can find different kinds of toothpaste in the market. If you want to be assured that your teeth will be protected, then it is advisable that you use toothpaste that contains fluoride. This will make the enamel of your tooth strong to prevent tooth decay.


  • Know the proper way of brushing.

When brushing your teeth, you have to brush in different positions so you can remove the foods that are left inside your mouth. You have to do the brushing for two to three minutes.

Flossing your teeth

  • Flossing your teeth is also required.

Using a toothbrush cannot give you an assurance that you can remove particles between your teeth. This is when you will have to use floss. Do it slowly and in a sawing motion.


  • You have to avoid drinking beverages that contain acid.

Beverages that contain acids like fruit juice and sodas can weaken the enamel of your teeth. This can create holes on the surface of your teeth.


  • Avoid eating foods that are rich in sugar.

Aside from limiting yourself from beverages that contain acids, you also have to stay away from eating sugary foods. It is because the sugar will be transformed into acids that will start to damage the teeth.


  • Wear some protections for your teeth.How You Can Take Care of Your Teeth

If you are an athlete and there is a possibility that other players might injure your teeth, wearing a mouth guard or a full-face helmet is required. You will notice that boxers wear such protection to prevent their teeth from injuries.


  • Seek dental help.

You don’t have to remove your teeth right away once you experience problems instead, do something to save it. You still have to consult your dentist to identify if you can still save your tooth from being totally damaged.


  • You only have to use your teeth for chewing foods.

Your teeth are there so you can chew your foods easily. This will make it easier for the body to break down the foods and absorb the vitamins and minerals. Never use your teeth in opening bottles or cracking nuts because this can cause cracks in your


  • Go to a dentist for a regular checkup.

Prevention will always be better than cure. If you will visit your dentist regularly, you can keep yourself away from suffering common dental problems. No need for you to suffer the pain that a toothache can give or lose your teeth.


Being aware of the importance of dental hygiene can provide you with a happy life because there is no reason for you not to smile at everyone around you. You can show your healthy white teeth and talk with other people without worrying about having a bad breath. Buying an electric toothbrush which is produced especially for receding gums, can be the best thing that you can do for your teeth and gums that can also prevent you from experiencing health problems. 


Healthy Lifestyle | Analyzing Top Massage Chair Brands

The demand for massage chairs are increasing nowadays, perhaps people have reached the realization point of giving their health a priority. How nice to hear that. The companies are attracted to the positive response of people to the newest trend of enjoying the benefits of spa. This leads to the abundance of the brands of massage chair in the market. But, what are the identified top massage chair brands?

Considering that the zero gravity massage chair is the newest technology in massage chair, a brand that features this function becomes on top from among the brands. Like the Full Body Zero Gravity Shaitsu Massage Chair Recliner. It is a soft 3D Massage EC01. This is package by high-power vibration motor and air pressure massage.

Buyers are attracted by the combination of techniques packaged by this brand. The combination of shiatsu and zero gravity comes in a unique of pleasure users can experience to this. Note; by the zero gravity function alone whereby the body is reclined in a way that their legs are higher than their torsos. The weightless position like that of astronauts is already a satisfying experience that users can experience.  Added by the shiatsu technique, a pleasurable day is best described by the performance of this brand.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Charcoal Recliner S-track OS4000

Included in the list is the Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Charcoal Recliner S-track OS4000. This product, which is one of the top 10 in list,  promotes for its zero-gravity shiatsu massage chair. Also featured by its 7 unique auto-programs to include: healthcare, therapy, circulation, relax, smart and demo.  Is that all, basically not. It is capable to manage the six massage techniques like Swedish, shiatsu, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling and Combo and most of all the complete massage for upper body ( like shoulders, neck, back and lumbar) and the lower Body to include the buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet).


Inada Sogno Dream wave Massage ChairPart of the group is the Inada Sogno Dream wave Massage Chair. What is unique about this brand is the recliner that cradles the whole body in soothing shiatsu therapy and relief with 8 motions that mimic the human massage techniques. It has the ability to make complete stretch function all over the body. Other features of this brand are its stretch function can also offer extension and flexion with gentle rotational stretching. And be amazed at its eight pre-programmed massage techniques commonly used by massage chair while it offers healthcare programs.


Cozzia 16028 Feel good Series Shiatsu Massage ChairAlso coming into the list of the top massage chair brands is the Cozzia 16028 Feel good Series Shiatsu Massage Chair. This also offers the benefits of zero gravity and shiatsu combination of function. While it can handle seven massage techniques to include shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling, vibration and air massage. This brand promotes its five programmed massages with strength, speed, and intensity at your preference. Most importantly, it is capable of invigorating air pressure system.

Given these features of the top massage chair brands, buyers can quote prices that are best for their finances. Brands that value money without compromising the benefits they offer. Before spending all your money on a massage chair, you should check our blog post about office chairs to have a better idea.