Access To Clean Water & Useful Tips To Filter Water At Home

ACCESS TO CLEAN WATERThere’s no life on earth without water. People can survive a long time without food, but only 4 days without water. If you don’t drink any water and the conditions are fair, you won’t live to see the fifth day after you last consumed water. That’s why the question of access to clean water is very important especially in some parts of the world where clean water is very hard to find.

Through the history, people witnessed many different ways of getting fresh water. The conditions back then and today are very different though. Today, a very big part of humanity lives in urban areas and have a lifestyle that is not nature dependent. People are used to having fresh water coming out of pipes or at least from a well.

Africa is the continent that is most endangered with this problem. In some part of it, fresh and drinkable water is very hard to find. That’s why people there must find other alternatives to get clean water. If you’re a part of this group or you’re afraid that you might become a part of this problem sometime later in life, read about some of the most simple solutions to get fresh clean water.

1. Boiling The Water

Any water you get to can be boiled and be used afterward for drinking. When we think about drinking water, we think about ice cold fresh water, but when the occasion demands any water, then we must settle for anything.

Boiling will make all the bad contaminants evaporate and only clean drinkable water will be left in the bowl you’re boiling into. If you have the option, you can cool the boiled water so you can enjoy it better. Remember that you can’t boil the already boiled water as it will get contaminated again. That’s why you should boil it and store it safely before you decide to use it.

2. Filter Straws


One of the latest inventions easily accessible and widespread on the market is the survival or filter straws. This straw is made to purify the water and make it drinkable at the same moment you pull in from it.

It is a very simple and easy way to make any contaminated water drinkable. The only problem is that you can’t use it forever and you only get to clean water you need for drinking. You can’t use the straw to purify a larger quantity of water and use it for other needs. The filter straw is a good water filtration solution for situations when there are no other options.

3. Disinfecting Tablets

Tablets used for disinfecting water are really effective and can be used for any water you find out there. They destroy 99% of contaminants in the first 10 minutes after you place them in the water.

Like usual, the tablets also have a negative side. They cost a little more than the most people in the contaminated areas of the world can afford, and they also need to be purchased over and over again in order to get enough usable and drinkable water. Their usage, however, is very simple. You just drop the tablet into the container of water and wait a while. After that, the water is ready to be used. Different tablets can disinfect a different quantity of water. Those that are able to disinfect more, of course, are more expensive.

4. Water Filter Pitchers

WATER FILTER PITCHERSProbably the best option among everything else you will find out there is the water filter pitcher. The water filter pitchers are relatively affordable and easy to be used. They work in a very simple way. In the pitcher, there are two compartments. In the first, you pour the contaminated water that passes through a filter that works by a special formula and then goes to the other compartment which a clean drinkable water.

Water filter pitcher in Africa has to grow as this continent has the biggest problem with clean drinking water. The pitchers are affordable and very simple to use which means there’s no need for special training. The only thing that needs to be taken into consideration, that after a while the filter must be changed as it will not last forever. The water will pass through it, but it will not be clean enough, so the filter must be changed after some time.

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