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BGMS Week 2 Finals Day 2: Here’s the Highlights & Full Recap

BGMS Week 2 Finals Day 2 Recap: For better or worse, Day 2 was a game-changer for all, in both ways ofcourse. We finally saw the rise of Team XO as the sleeping beast awakens. Soul’s consistency remains unparalled as well as Team Orangutan’s persistent nature. Godlike however, ate the dust on day 2 with big disappointments coming from the favourites. Here are all the big happenings presented to you by

Match 1

All eyes were definitely on Godlike, entering the match as the table-toppers from day 1. However, things turned out to be pretty rough for Neyo and the boys as team Insane got the best of them in a hillside fight near the Gerogopol bridge. Not just Godlike, all teams rotating from the east went through some serious pain at the hands of team Soul and Orangutan who had the circle advantage.

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Soul holding the Georgopol squad-house rained down hellfire on multiple teams with team 8bit suffering the most. However, Orangutan was doing much better when it came to securing finish points. Holding the down-ridge at the river banks, they were already at 17 kills before coming face to face in a 4v4 against Soul. Although it seemed like Soul had the momentum, Orangutan came out as the superior one by utilizing their ridge advantage perfectly while members of Soul struggled to survive with limited cover of vehicles and rocks. Orangutan sealed the win with a whopping 21 finishes and carried on their win streak from day 1.

Match 1 rankings
Match 1 rankings (Image via Loco)

Match 2

Another match, another win slipped away from team Soul. Again, it was a rain of grenades that decimated the squad and got them to their knees in front of Team XO. XO bagged the win with 13 crucial finish points. On the unpredictable map of Sanhok, it’s more than you can ask for.

Match 2 Rankings
Match 2 Rankings (Image via Loco)

Match 3

The Miramar match ended around the open hillsides of Miramar, and it was again Team XO, ruling the circle with a four man strong squad. Jonathan Robin, and Saumraj, all solo survivals had no chance against the the dominating XO squad who recorded back-to-back chicken with this match.

Match 3 Rankings
Match 3 Rankings (Image via Loco)

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Match 4

Team XO’s domination took on an unstopable form as we reached match 4. After securing wins in both Sanhok and Miramar, it was now the Erangel match that XO boys took control of. The three man surviving squad started their celebration ahead of time. With just Pushkar and Ash surviving from Skylightz and Orangutan, Immortal took his Dacia out for a ride, only run them over and bag the win in style. Adding another 30 points for their overall points tally, they secured a huge lead from the rest of the teams.

Match 4 Rankings
Match 4 Rankings(Image via Loco)

Overall Rankings: BGMS Week 2 Finals Day 2

Team XO answered all the criticism thrown at them with a hat-trick of Chicken Dinners on day 2 as the team now leads the table with 122 points. Following them is the consistent Orangutan boys with 115 points beside their name. Soul, after missing out on two close wins today, has still managed to remain in top 3. Team Godlike however, stoop below to 8th place on the scoreboard with a day full of struggle.

Overall Ranking
Overall Ranking – BGMS Week 2 Finals Day 2 (Image via Loco)

Skyligytz, even after all the efforts, is lagging at the 9th place on the scoreboard. With just one more days of play left for this week, it doesn’t look like there are much chances for them as well as all the teams below on the points table.

Overall Ranking 2
Overall Ranking 2 – BGMS Week 2 Finals Day 2 (Image via Loco)

BGMI Masters Series 2022 Week 2 Finals Day 3 will be live-streamed today on Star Sports 2, Loco, and Glance Live between 8.00 PM to 11.30 PM. The tournament will be available in Hindi, Tamil & English. Week 2 finals have a total of 12 matches in 3 days. Get all the updates from BGMS with

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