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BGMI: Top 5 must-know tips for mastering Throwables

Maybe you have relentless frag power or a gifted sniper, but in battle royale, enemies are often hiding behind covers where your…

Maybe you have relentless frag power or a gifted sniper, but in battle royale, enemies are often hiding behind covers where your bullets can’t reach. This is where throwables come into play.  BGMI gives you a diverse set of weapon choices to tackle all sorts of dangers during intense firefights, but none can match the impact of a perfectly tossed grenade that can reverse the momentum of any battle.

1. Timing is crucial

The most crucial factor is timing, since a poorly cooked nade might cause foes to escape its impact area. A grenade must go off immediately after landing. Additionally, depending on the distance, the timing for it varies. Release the throw button for distances under 25 metres just before the countdown reaches 2 seconds, and for distances above 50 metres, throw it out when it’s still partially cooked, which takes around 4 seconds. The nade will sail through the air and explode upon collision at precisely this time.

2. Never put yourself out there

Throwables are great since you don’t have to expose your body to the enemy. To always know where your position of impact is use the eye button instead of risking it all to prediction. Your hand may be visible during this, but not only is it more difficult to hit you, but the damage you receive to your hand also isn’t enough to be fatal. Your hand, however, can reveal your location during prone battles on grass and become a target for the enemy’s crosshairs. To prevent this, lower the toss button, and use nades in the last zone without being seen.

3. Avoid warning your enemies

The sound of opening a throwable’s pin can be heard for quite a distance, and opponents can move about to reach areas that throwables can’t reach. So, before approaching the launch location, try opening the pin much earlier. Open your pin and gradually move towards the launch location. Enemies won’t be aware that the nade will arrive from a completely different direction even if they hear you opening the pin. Additionally, as you pull the pin, you can ask your teammates to fire their weapons. The pin noise will be muffled by the firing sound, keeping your strategy a secret.

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4. Buy Time using Thorawbles

Your opponents won’t like to allow you the time to recuperate and reengage once you have sustained significant damage. You can impede an enemy’s push in urban warfare scenarios where they must rush upstairs or through doorways by placing nades or molotovs on their path. By doing this, you might gain sufficient time to use first aid. Smoke can also buy you a few extra seconds before they find the corner where you are.

5. Destroy TPP Advantage

You will be stranded in spots where the opponent is holding a perfect TPP angle to eliminate you once you step out in the open while the zone is being challenging. You can take advantage of this situation by tossing an uncooked nade to the place he is holding using the throwables. The enemy will be forced to retreat and abandon the area as a result, providing you with the ideal opportunity to relocate and position your crosshair before the other player does the same. Alternately, you can employ the time-tested method of creating a smoke route that leads to the location where the enemy is camped. Either way, your chances of survival are increased.

There are always more effective ways to interact with others than opening fire, such as deflecting nades or dropping smokes on enemies instead of yourself. With some seasoned game sense, these tricks pops up in your head as a natural reaction. For more tips and tricks on BGMI, follow InsideSoprt.IN

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