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Apex Legends streamer TSM ImperialHAL accuses Diegosaurs and FaiithTTV of viewbotting

Apex Legends streamers: Over the past few years, Twitch has emerged as one of the most favorable platforms for streamers. Gamers and content creators have taken to Twitch to build their portfolios and get fans engaged with their channels. However, it is not an easy task to start from scratch. While most streamers prefer to grind their way to the top, a handful of gamers use unfair means to achieve their targets. Recently, Apex Legends streamers Diegosaurs and FaithTTV have been accused of viewbotting on Twitch. For more information regarding Twitch streamers, follow

The Esports industry has been rigged with the usage of bots in almost every segment. Even several professionals have claimed to use cheats like aimbots, and other applications to assist them in-game. Viewbotting is also quite known in the streaming sector. Several streamers have used it in the past and Diegosaurs and FaithTTV are the most recent ones to be accused of the same.

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TSMFTX ImperialHAL accuses the Apex Legends streamers with proof

Apex Legends streamers FaithTTV and Diegosaurs have been enjoying the limelight for some time now. However, it seems that behind the sudden rise in popularity, bots have an important role to play.

Recently. Apex Legends streamer, TSMFTX ImperialHAL took to social media to raise the allegation against the aforementioned streamers. ImperialHAL did not blank fire his statements, rather he came up with significant proof of the same.

The streamer pointed out that both accounts have hundreds of viewers which are created on the same date. Most importantly, none of these accounts follow the streamers. The gamer has also pointed out that they get an instant viewer boost within a few minutes of the streams which is quite unlikely.

Diegosaurs and FathTTV have done several sponsored streams. ImperialHAL points out that surprisingly, the viewership remains the same for sponsored streams as well as normal streams.

How did the fans react following the accusation?

After the allegation went viral, fans did not restrict themselves from expressing their reaction. Some have expressed a similar viewpoint while others have pleaded him to investigate the competitive sector of other games as well.

Some have even pointed out that the streamers have several viewers. However, their chatbox is not at all active.

The accusation is strong and the fans have also expressed their discontent with the allegation. It is to be seen how their popularity in the Apex Legends community is influenced due to the viewbotting issue.

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