Saturday, 4 June 2022

Z4pnu Reveals Reason for Allidap Leaving Omega Esports

Omega Esports’ substitute player, Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso explained the reason for the release of one of its pro players Romiere “Allidap” Padilla. The esports organization previously as they were underutilized due to the limitations imposed by Moonton regarding franchise teams competing in third-party tournaments. According to Z4pnu, Allidap missed his family and wanted to go home and spend more time with them. The former Omega Esports player also wanted to find work somewhere near his hometown. Z4pnu added that Allidap’s departure from Omega Esports was inevitable, considering that he is the breadwinner of his family.

Why Allidap left Omega Esports

Through a recent vlog, Z4pnu revealed that Allidap was supposed to be sent to Omega Esports’ Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team. However, the veteran player explained that “Allidap said he wants to move back to Davao [City, Philippines] because he missed his family and his girlfriend. He wanted to work there too.”

Z4pnu revealed that Allidap’s profession is related to Information Technology (IT) which is an entirely different environment compared to being an esports competitive player. “[I told him] you need to be ready because working outside is different from working here [as a pro player],” He said.

The veteran player further explained that Allidap’s departure couldn’t be helped because “of course, his family relies on him [financially]. He really needs to work hard, double time.”

Omega Esports’ head coach Jomie “Pakbet” Abalos previously revealed that the departure of the two pro players Jhonville “OUTPLAYED” Villar and Allidap were to give them an opportunity to grow in the MLBB competitive scene under a new banner. This was because Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) teams need to first ask permission from Moonton before they can compete in third-party or amateur tournaments. This made it more complicated for franchise teams to participate in other tournaments even during the off-season.

While OUTPLAYED’s plan is yet to be revealed, Allidap for the time being may have decided to step down from being a pro player for the sake of spending time with his family.

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