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COD Mobile Season 6: All Legendary Gun Gameplays Leaked

With just a day away from its official launch, Season 6’s brand new theme is all set to leave the COD Mobile fans in awe. Season 6: To the Skies launches on June 29, at 5 PM PT. and will be bringing exciting new elements to the game, especially the all-new aerial combat experience with the release of Jackal. However, it’s not all about gameplay changes that COD Mobile fans are hyped for. The new set of lucrative skins also lies ahead. Let’s take an exclusive look at the amazing legendary weapon skins coming in next season. For more news on COD Mobile, follow Flizzyy.comCOD Mobile Season 6 legendary skins

M13 – Liminal Flare

M13 - Liminal Flare
M13 – Liminal Flare (Image via Gamers Spot)

This is not the first extravagant M13 skin we are getting in COD Mobile. The assault rifle had first released last year with a mythic skin called the M13 – Morningstar. Comparing the theme of the new legendary M13 to the mythic, there’s no substantial difference but the change in sound effects and the vibrant orange might make it a sizeable competitor against the mythic.

L CAR 9 – Industrial Pulverizer

L CAR 9 - Industrial Pulvarizer
L CAR 9 – Industrial Pulverizer (Image via Gamers Spot)

L CAR 9 – Industrial Pulverizer will the legendary skin of the game’s first automatic pistol. The gun’s small size and theme make it very likely to confuse with the Fennec – Ascended Mythic skin. As all legendary sidearms released before, this will also be released alongside a legendary character in the same spin. The female legendary operator skin is shown below.

Legendary Character Skin - COD Mobile Season 6
Legendary Character Skin – COD Mobile Season 6 (Image via Gamers Spot)

For free to play players, the L CAR 9 will probably be released in the game as part of the Seasonal Event reward. Players need to complete a set of challenges to unlock the weapon or can buy the skin directly to unlock it without much hassle.

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In the next season, players can up to 30,000 Battle XP as by completing the new Seasonal Challenge and claim the new functional weapon the L-CAR 9 along with new Weapons Blueprints and Operator Skins. The SP-R 208 – Top Turtle skin is also there for the taking.

KSP 45 – Divinity

KSP 45 - Divinity
KSP 45 – Divinity (Image via Gamers Spot)

KSP 45 is the first burst SMG coming in the game which is expected to shake the meta due to its high burst damage. So, a decent legendary skin is indeed a good choice to dominate the lobbies in style.

KRM 262 – Glorious Blaze

KRM 262 - Glorious Blaze
KRM 262 – Glorious Blaze (Image via Gamers Spot)

It’s been a while since we got an OG shotgun skin. The KRM 262 has always been a beastly one when it comes to close range combats and the one that must have caused the most amount rage quits to opponents. The legendary version looks quite edgy. However, it’s ironsight is not to be liked.

LK24 – Drop Shock

LK24 - Drop Shock
LK24 – Drop Shock

COD Mobile has already got their hands full of nice-looking LK24 skin, especially last year’s Deadly Cute draw was an instant hit due to its anime inspired theme. This time the developers have dropped another cutting edge legendary skin of LK-24. While its looks might not be the impressive, it’s animation and sound effects are going to give you an absolute blast.

Watch all the gameplay of the legendary guns in the video below.

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