Thursday, 9 June 2022

BTK Mobazane Reveals Issues With Victor, Considers Ichiji as Replacement

MobaZane disappointed with Victor’s performance as BTK’s EXP Laner

Through one of his livestreams, the North American (NA) pro player expressed his concerns with regards to Victor’s disappointing progress in adjusting to the meta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). This was also one of the reasons the team had to scout for a new EXP Laner and found Ichiji. “That’s pretty much why we had to get him [Ichiji] actually. Because Victor is hard underperforming,” MobaZane stated.

He added that Victor refused to learn other heroes and is starting to lose interest in the game. “Yeah, he didn’t want to learn other heroes or just to play solids. It’s getting too hard for him I think. And just the overall way that he really doesn’t care about it, that’s not what I need right now,” said MobaZane.

The BTK captain expected his whole squad to struggle in adjusting to the MLBB meta in the Philippines (PH). However, he did not anticipate that Victor would not be able to keep up with the team’s progress to the point that it would start affecting the their overall performance.

It also didn’t help that the team got into trouble because Victor did something that MobaZane refused to disclose. This made the BTK captain very disappointed with the team’s EXP Laner. “If he doesn’t want to take ML too seriously and like honestly, I think he just might be at his limit,” said MobaZane. “We would have to get a different EXP [Laner] at that point.”

He added that having Ichiji as the team’s temporary EXP Laner was a game changer for the team during the RMC Season 6 showmatch. Impressed by how good the amateur pro players are in the Philippines region, MobaZane said “The gameplay [of Ichiji] was good, but to be fair, we all did perfect. Amateurs do very well here even if the term ‘amateur’ sounds condescending, they’re all still good.”

When fans asked him on stream if he would take him in as a BTK member, he admitted that he would. However, there are a few complications that may hinder Ichiji from joining the NA squad. “I wish [he could join BTK] but I don’t think he could actually move to the US [United States], man. We’re gonna have to find someone in the US maybe,” MobaZane said.

Considering how Victor has been underperforming, the BTK captain thinks that their EXP Laner has reached his limit and may no longer be able to keep up with the game’s meta. “It’s harsh but it’s true, that’s the limit… Some people hit their limit, some don’t,” said MobaZane.

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