Friday, 10 June 2022

BGMI Player SHADOW to Soon Depart From TSM, Transfer Negotiations Underway

One of the top BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) teams in India, TSM, is undergoing a roster change as Arjun “SHADOW” Mandhalkar is on his way out of the active lineup.

While several rumors had been floating around for quite some time, an Instagram story posted by Nizhum “Armin” Karmakar – Lead for TSM India, confirmed that SHADOW is indeed departing the BGMI team of TSM.

The post made on 9th June stated that TSM had already reached out to potential teams and organizations “that might be interested in having SHADOW as a player.”

This means that the player has already been transfer-listed and further negotiations are currently ongoing with different parties. The player has not made any statements or comments pertaining to this matter so far.

TSM’s BGMI team is undergoing a roster change with SHADOW being transfer listed

The current IGL (In-Game Leader) of TSM’s BGMI team, SHADOW, is on his way out of the team and has already been transfer-listed by the organization. According to a post shared by Armin on Instagram, TSM has already reached out to certain organizations that might be interested in attaining SHADOW as a player.

He also requested other organizations and teams that might be interested in signing SHADOW to discuss the matter with him by simply reaching out directly. Further, he also sent out a cautionary message stating that no organization is allowed to directly speak with the player (SHADOW) regarding the transfer.

The reason behind this roster change can be attributed to the fact that TSM failed to qualify for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1, the first official BGMI tournament of the 2022 competitive circuit which is being organized by KRAFTON themselves.

Other than their poor performance at Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC) 2022 Round 4, where TSM placed tenth as part of group four and failed to qualify for BMPS Season 1, the team has been really consistent through the 2022 competitive season so far.

They were the champions of the first-ever BGMI tournament to take place on LAN, NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitational, while also securing podium finishes in five other tournaments.

No official statement has been made so far by TSM or SHADOW with regards to this transfer. Also, information about the player that would be replacing their IGL is still under wraps.

The current BGMI lineup of TSM is as follows,

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