Wednesday, 8 June 2022

2022 KCC Officially Announced, Allegedly Replacing AWC 2022

The 2022 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup (KCC) has been officially announced and is scheduled to kick off at the end of this year. The tournament is allegedly replacing the Arena of Valor World Cup (AWC) 2022 as the pinnacle world championship event for Honor of Kings (HoK) and Arena of Valor (AoV) esports. The 2022 KCC event will feature 16 teams from around the world competing for the lion’s share of the $10 million USD prize pool as well as the title of world champion. An official Twitter page for HoK esports has also been announced for the global audience.

AWC 2022 is replaced with HWC 2022 as the main world cup event

According to a post from Liquipedia admin hesketh2, the highly anticipated event for both Arena of Valor (AoV) and Honor of Kings (HoK) has been revamped. The upcoming world cup will still feature a $10 million USD prize pool and will feature eight King Pro League (KPL) teams and eight Non-Chinese teams competing for the prestigious world championship title.

An official Twitter page for HoK Global Esports has also been revealed. More details regarding the upcoming 2022 KCC is expected to be revealed through the Twitter handle in the future.

The AWC series shall allegedly remain as a world cup series but will no longer be considered as the pinnacle of AoV and HoK esports events.

AoV Star League adds Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, on top of its Indonesia qualifier

Aside from the surprising reveal of the new World Cup series, the Indonesian (ID) AoV League shall open its doors to three more regions. The tournament will feature additional qualifiers for Malaysia (MY), Philippines (PH), and Singapore (SG).

The esports ecosystem for HoK and AoV continues to expand, and is opening more opportunities for aspiring pro players to join its competitive scene. HoK may be preparing to deliver esports broadcasts globally while also making it more accessible for the fans outside China.

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