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Sibol MLBB Squad Scores Undefeated Run in Its First Day at 31st SEA Games

Sibol MLBB Squad Scores Undefeated Run in Its First Day at 31st SEA Games

Sibol National Team’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team (MLBB) dominated the first day of the 31st SEA Games competition after securing a clean sweep victory score of 3-0, to earn a spot in the playoffs. The team comprised of the Philippines’ (PH) Blacklist International squad dominated Group A by taking down the contenders Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar. On the other hand, the PH’s rival, Indonesia, also dominated Group B with a flawless win record after taking down Singapore and Vietnam. With a solid momentum, Sibol’s MLBB squad will be venturing into the playoffs stage 19th May to compete for the biannual event’s Gold medal.

Blacklist Sibol squad sweeps its first day at the 31st SEA Games MLBB competition

With a dominant group stage, the Sibol MLBB team is now one step closer to earning the Gold medal. The team featured a mix of iconic members- Danerie “Wise” James Del Rosario, Salic “Hadji” Alauya Imam, Johnmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna, and the promising rookies Russel “Eyon” Aaron Usi, Lee “Owl” Howard Gonzales, Kyle “Dominic” Dominic Soto.

With the meta shifting in their favor, the dynamic duo of Wise and OhMyV33NUS spearheaded the team into securing clean sweep victories. Wise even showcased his Akai gameplay while Hadji delivered a stellar performance with a 100% kill participation on Xavier. The team’s iconic shot caller and support specialist, OhMyV33NUS, also showed impressive mastery of Lolita.

To spice up the competition, the Sibol squad opted for a roster swap between Hadji and the rookie Mid Laner Eyon. While the rookie did struggle during the early game, his Xavier transformed into a weapon of mass destruction at the 18-minute mark, delivering constant map-wide burst damage with his Dawning Light.

Needless to say, every player from the Blacklist Sibol squad was able to showcase their skills in the group stage, showing fans that even the rookies are quite formidable on the big stage. As the 31st SEA Games MLBB opens its playoffs stage, the competition gets more challenging with teams vying for who acquires the Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal.

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